Comics In Concert



Comics in Concert is a trio consisting of an illustrator, guitarist and accordion player creating a fascinating new art form.

The musicians’ improvised jazz sound is complemented by a third, soundless instrument, while the live comic drawing takes its inspiration from the music. Ville Ranta, Aleksi Ranta and Niko Kumpuvaara are all masters of their own craft but Comics in Concert is more than the sum of its parts; here, drawing becomes music and music becomes storytelling.

It began in France

press1-webComic artist Ville Ranta has performed at comic concerts at the Angoulême comics festival in France, sharing the stage with other musicians and illustrators. For the past six years, these concerts have ranked among the most popular events at the festival. The collaboration between the Ranta brothers and Kumpuvaara takes the idea a step further towards a deeper and more experimental musicality. The trio have performed at musical and comics events across Finland and in Sweden, for example in Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki, Turku Music Festival, Oulu Music Festival, Helsinki Comics Festival and Stockholm’s International Comics Festival.

On stage: Ville Ranta, illustration; Aleksi Ranta, guitar; Niko Kumpuvaara, accordion.